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Pot Bellied Pig Adoption Process
Pot Bellied Pig Adoption Process
1.) Complete our easy to use online adoption questionnaire at:

2.) Once Pig Harmony receives your completed application, a follow-up phone call or email will be made to you (the prospective party) to review the application and ask or answer any questions and discuss any concerns.

3.) A home evaluation will be conducted of your the prospective parties home in order to ensure that the environment has been made pig-friendly and pig-safe.

4.) Prospective applicant(s) will be invited to come and meet the pigs on the premises here at Pig Harmony. If the pig that interests you is being housed in another rescue center, arrangements will be made for the prospective family to visit the pig at the location it is being kept for foster care.

5.) Pig Harmony makes every effort to match up the right pig to the right family.

6.) Transportation for your pig to a new home will be arranged as needed.

7.) Adoption fees may vary depending on what out of pocket expenses we incurred receiving each individual pig into foster care: (i.e. spay/neuter, worming, hoof and/or tusk trimming and vaccinations)
Below are the steps involved in our pig adoption process. Please look them over before making any type of pig adoption decisions. If you have any questions be sure to send us an email or use our convenient contact form. Someone from our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
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