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Is a pot-bellied pig right for you?
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Seriously Ask Yourself - Is a Pot Bellied Pig Right for You? Did you know that Pot Bellied Pigs have a personality all their own? Did you know that they are very smart and extremely inquisitive? Did you know that they need to be fed a special diet? We are all taken by an adorable little piglet face, but not all of us are able to take care of one for the long term. There are differences in owning a Pot Bellied Pig than owning a dog or a cat. In an effort to help you make sure you are making the best choice for you and your pet pig, here are a few questions that you should answer. If you can say YES to all of the following questions, you are on your way to a wonderful life with the greatest of pets. If you find yourself saying NO to any of them, you might need to reconsider your decision for the time being or just make some adjustments.

1.) Are you willing to make a 15 to 20 year commitment to your new pet? I hope you said YES because a Pot Bellied Pig can live 20 years. Pet lovers everywhere cringe at the thought of those that purchase a pet only to give it away a short time later. Many unwanted pets, left in shelters and euthanized, are victims of an uneducated purchase. Not all pigs are lucky and end up on this site. Not all of them will find a loving home. We hope to avoid those situations by making all potential Pot Bellied Pig owners absolutely sure they are making the right decision.

2.) Are you willing to keep your pet on the appropriate diet? Contrary to the belief that pigs should eat everything and anything, your new pet should be fed an appropriate diet in order to keep your pig healthy. Overweight Pot Bellied Pigs will gain weight everywhere, including on their heads. This can result in fat deposits hanging over their eyes and causing blindness. Overweight Pot Bellied Pigs find it hard to walk as they have short legs. The last thing you need is to be faced with a blind pig that can’t get around. That is just a sampling of what could go wrong if diet is not considered.

3.) Are you willing to spay or neuter your pet and provide regular vet care? We aren’t worried about stray piggy's getting into your yard. We just want to make your life easier. Pot Bellied Pigs are strong animals and when they become frisky, watch out! They can run pretty fast when they want to. Spaying and neutering your pet will keep your pet friendlier with less behavioral problems. As for vet care, just like any other animal, they need to be vaccinated and should have their hooves and tusks trimmed on a regular basis.

4.) Are you prepared to provide appropriate shelter and bedding for your pet? Pot Bellied Pigs are not fend for yourself types of pets. They need to be warm in the winter and shaded in the summer. If your plan is to keep your Potbelly outside, you should consider a heater for cold days and a fan for hot ones. They also like lots of hay or blankets to nest in. They find comfort in burrowing into a pile of softness and need that to sleep comfortably. Preferably, Potbellied Pigs like to be inside as well as outside and that leads us to the next question.

5.) Are you willing to treat your pet like a member of the family? These sensitive animals like human companionship and can be very loving. Not all piggy's are lovable, but some can be real lap babies. Their behavior can very much be like a two year-old. Ignored piggy's can be destructive in order to get your attention.

If you have said YES to all of those questions and are comfortable with all of those brief explanations, then congratulations! You are a perfect fit for a pot-bellied pig. There are two more things we would like you to agree to before you take that step.

ONE - You agree to provide unconditional love to your pet. TWO - You agree to contact us in the event you have any problems or concerns with your new Pot Bellied Pig.
If you’re still interested in adoption then please go to our adoption questionnaire page.